Moff Stanforth
Elijah Stanforth
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Stonewall System

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

970 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Millennial era


The Galactic Empire


Moff (QEK Sector)

Family Information

Robert Stanforth

Skills and Abilities


Miscellaneous Information

Blaster pistol

"The few Jedi I have encountered in my life have been self praising, idealistic fools. They believe themselves to be better than anyone in the galaxy and exercise that belief. Emperor Vartan Walker was right to destroy that dangerous Order."
Moff Stanforth's private memoirs.
Elijah Stanforth, a descendant of Robert Stanforth, was the Moff of the QEK Sector in 1,000 NE. He was born in 970 NE on the planet Lee.

Professional Life

"I hate the Jedi. You want to know why? They disgraced my ancestor, Robert Stanforth for their selfish ideals! My family has lived with that smear for generations, but I will change it. Oh yes I shall. How dare you preach tolerance to me!"
Elijah Stanforth to a subordinate in the Imperial Army.
Stanforth joined the Imperial Army in 988 NE and served in it for six years before leaving to work as a Moff for the QEK sector. Once he earned that post, he worked hard to make sure that Imperial law was followed and enforced to the letter in the sector. The primary place was the Stonewall System, which before his placement in the post had been out of order for half a decade or more. By 1,000 NE, the sector was one of the most orderly in the entire Galactic Empire.

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