"For the Nutks, he was "Der Herr der Donner", the lord of the Sun and Thunder. To the ravinians, "An máistir an chogaid", The Master of War, for the Viceroyalty of Buen Pasto of the Spanish Empire, he was the "Demonio del Este", the devil from the east... and for the Barnopean, he was The Uniter, Edward I King of All Barnopea"

Edward the Uniter (Edward I Rodes), was born on 6 May of 1480, and he died on January the 2nd 1524, with 44 years.

He was the first King of Barnopea, from 19 June 1509, to his dead in the 2 January 1524.

"On the battlefield, he was a force of Nature, unstoppable and unrelenting in the attack, furious in defence: A True warrior born on the Battlefield. Were his line was weakest, he was there, he led every charge in to the fray on the battle field, he was a god of war off the battle field, and he was a master statesman. Some say he was a Demi-god; others a hero of old, his enemy’s said he was a demon of war, a devil. Others said that he had made a pact with the devil: these matter not to the Barnopeans, who call him there uniter”

Childhood and early LifeEdit

the Child who became Edward I The Uniter was born to Duke Thomas Rodes of Nadensburg, and his wife lady Emma Rodes.

Hhe was the the only son of the duke, and as a Child he was known to ask: "why Barnopea did not have king?"

He was told, that it was because no one man could Control the Nation.

At the age of 16 Edward passed his trails and became a Knight of the realm, and two months after he was made a knight his father was killed by Ravinian from a independent kingdom in the plains of the centre of Barnopea.

This set the young man off on a quest to avenge him and unite the Archipielago of Barnopea under a only banner: HIS Banner.

In this way, he fighted and defeated alike, Wentviska Nutks of the shores, Ravinians of the shores, other Barnopean kingdoms and earldoms, and Brnorian in the north, as well anybody who faced his cause.

the 12 Battles of unifcationEdit

During the unifcation wars there were 12 major battles these are

  • Wardensbrook
  • Lillyfeild
  • loyns
  • York
  • Horden
  • boseton
  • Lenster
  • Oakham
  • chesterfeild
  • Gladensfud

by the time the army of the uniter reached the Battle of Gladensfud it was the largest Army Barnopea had evre seen

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