Eastern United States of America
Political Information
Type of Government
  • Constitutional Democracy


Executive Branch
  • President
Legislative Branch
  • Eastern United States House of Representatives
  • Eastern United States Senate
Judicial Branch
  • Eastern United States Supreme Court
Societal Information

Washington, D.C.

Official Language



Federal Reserve Note (EUS Dollar)

National Holiday

January 5


The Star Spangled Banner

Historical Information
Formed From
Date of Establishment

January 5, 11 NE

Date of Dissolution

12 NE


The Eastern United States (EUSA) was established in early 11 NE after the conclusion of the Second Confederate War. It was made up of the former Confederate States of America and American Protectorate. The EUSA is essentially the 29 eastern states of the original United States of America. It's Constitution is a mirror image to that of the original United States of America and the current United States of Americans.

It was thought that reestablishing the Confederate States of American in the entire eastern side of the continent would represent a return to the First Confederate War. After the Stonewall Peace Accords, the Eastern United States of America was placed under the supervision of a Coalition Council made up of a representative from each of the following: Kira's Kingdom, United States of Americans, and Atrastrumterra. As of 11 NE, the Coalition Council would be the final say on all decisions within the EUSA's government for at least a period of three years.

The EUSA's lifespan was short, as it only existed for roughly a year.  By November of 12 NE, the Coalition Council elected to free the EUSA from it's control.  The Congress of the EUSA debated what course of action to take, and it was decided that it would be prudent to resurrect the Confederate States of America.  However, the northern portion of the EUSA objected, and agreed to merge with the United States of America, restoring a large part of the parent country.

By the end of 12 NE, the EUSA no longer formally existed.

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