Easter Company
Organizational information
Led by

Hoshina Kazuomi


Kira's Kingdom

Primary role(s)


Chronological and political information

56 BNE


Founded in Japan in 56 BNE, Easter is a massive company involved in numerous industries and a leader in Magitech development. Easter is a household name for most citizens of Kira's Kingdom for the many products and services it provides.


Easter ArmsEdit

Manufactures lethal and non-lethal weapons for military and civilian sale, as well as military vehicles and hardware.

Easter ElectronicsEdit

Designes and manufactures consumer and business electronics and manages the necessary infastructure for its networked products.

Easter FinancialEdit

Provides banking, credit, stock brokerage, fund management, and various other financial and investment services to both companys and consumers. It also manages the company's own financial and investment operations.

Easter FoodsEdit

Purchases produce from farms, prepares processed foods, and distributes food products to retailers.

Easter MedicalEdit

Produces pharmaceuticals, prosthetics, and medical hardware

Easter MusicEdit

A major record label providing all common services thereof.

Easter ShipyardsEdit

Designs, constructs, registers, and provides maintenance, repair, and docking for civilian and military seafaring ships, airships, and starships.

Easter StudiosEdit

Operates film, television, and animation studios, and handles liscensing and distribution to television broadcasters and retail companies.

Easter TechnologiesEdit

Researches and developes new technologies on which the Easter Company can capitalize. Often works in conjunction with other divisions to develop new products.

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