Earl Kent
Earl Kent
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Stonewall City, Stonewall (Stonewall System)

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

21 BNE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information
Skills and Abilities

Galactic Basic

Miscellaneous Information

Blaster Pistol

Earl Kent was a successful business man in the Stonewall Federaton, founder of the Solomon Foundation, a Co-Founder of the Interstellar Oversight Advisory, and the Chief Executive of the Stonewall System's Interstallar Oversight Advisory branch.

Early Life

Earl Kent was born on September 14, 21 BNE on the planet Lee in the Stonewall System. Although born a Force-sensitive, he never received training for his "special" ability.

Professional Life

Sometime in his earlier life, Kent attended school and received a degree in business. In 5 NE, he opened a small import business, known as the Solomon Foundation, and was relatively successful. He expanded the business, and eventually it was a top business in the Stonewall Republic, and later the Stonewall Federation.

The Interstellar Oversight Advisory

Sometime in his life, it is known that Kent had a bad experience with a Force user that soured his view of any Force organization. Furthermore, it is believed that this said Force user broke a law in this sour experience.

Kent saw firsthand the damages caused in the First Confederate War and later the Second Confederate War by Force users, and believed that they ought to be held accountable for their actions. Because of the actions of the Jedi, and later the Sith, Kent became very hostile to the Force philosophy, and set out on a way to curb the enthusiasm of Force users to break laws "for the general good." In 11 NE he participated in the Constitutional Convention on Lee to create a Constitution for the new Stonewall Federation. He was appalled at the fact that only Force users could become the Chancellor of the Federation, and aided in ramming an amendment through Congress that would allow for any person to run for chancellor, preferably a non-Force user.

In 12 NE, Kent partnered with Richard Valkyrie to form an organization that they both hoped would have judicial power across the galaxy. This organization was the Interstellar Oversight Advisory, which monitored Force users and organizations to be sure they followed laws accordingly.

After the formation of the IOA, Earl pushed a measure through the Stonewall Federation Congress, allowing the IOA to have legal powers in the federation. With the Judiciary Act of 12 NE put into law, Earl established the Stonewall System branch of the Interstellar Oversight Advisory.

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