Donovon Ashford
Biographical Information
Current Residence
  • Elysium
Place of Birth
  • Elysium
Date of Birth

2 NE

Physical Description
  • Human
  • Male
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Blue
Chronological and Political Information
  • Umbrella Corporation
  • Head of Security
Family Information

William Ashford

Twin Siblings

Miranda Ashford

Skills and Abilities
  • Basic
Miscellaneous Information


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Early Life Edit


Donovon in his teens

2 NE through genetic engineering, both he and his sister have both the intellagence of his father and his ancestor Alexia Ashford. Years later, Donovon and his twin Miranda who aged quick to there teenage years were home schooled instead because there father did not want their intellagence wasted in some academy, thinking that they were to good for it. Donovon is known to never to back down from anyone or anything when he was young. His weapon of choice is manipulation of others to do his dirty work for him. To Donovon, those around him that does not have the same intellagence as he and his sister are inferior while to himself, is superior to those he looks down upon. This causes him to never have any friends with other children, who think that he is nothing but a bully and a loner. To him the world or galaxy is full of stupidity and he thinks that the only way to cure it, is to elimanate them and replace those who have minds like him. He hopes to do this when he has control of Umbrella Corporation when his father passes away from old age or from an untimely death. While he waits for that day, he works as the head of security of umbrella

Head of Security Edit

"There's always ways to silent people. Your way would be bribe them to keep quiet. My way is to make sure they never live see another tomorrow."
―Donovon to his sister, Miranda Ashford
Donovon choose to become the head of security for the sole purpose of protecting company interests either by

Securtiy Uniform

eleminating rivals and witnesses and bribing politician to help keep umbrella secrets from going public. Manley his job, is to direct the rest of the security division to keep guard on the cargo and to protect the science division from any experiment that escapes from the labs. Donovon is very passionate with his work, that anyone slacking will be killed on the spot instead of being written up. To the security division, he is a great person to look up too, but a great thing to get on his angry side. He makes sure that if anyone does they will disappear and never be heard or seen again. He makes sure that everone in the divion is in top shape, by exercising and runing laps everymorning with no breaks. For that, Donovon was given a nickname by his division. His nickname is Bossman, which annoys him greatly.

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