Dieter Rommel (28 July 1977 - ), is a Feldmarschall of the Nova Prussian Armed forces.

He had a height of 6'1 and a weight of 190lbs, thoughtfull, intelligent, and sometimes slow off the mark.

Dieter is the grandson of Erwin Rommel and therefore the closest thing to royalty that Nova Prussia has.

As a child he was lonely and isolated, only when he joined the army under a different name did he see the world as it was. He rose swiftly through the ranks, fighting in the Oil Wars he quickly become disappointed in NP High Command which threw away soldiers needlessly in useless battles.

Only upon meeting the Kanzler Willhelm Langille did he find a man he considered worthy to be his commander.

Dieter was the man behind the Kanzler WIllhelm Langille grand strategy as well as the R&D that birthed such weapons as the Planet Cracker.

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