Device Magic
Historical information

Before New Empire -


Device Magic is a combat-oriented form of Astral Manipulation relying on the use of portable Magitech devices. A user of this style is referred to as a Device Mage.


Device Magic functions by simulating ritual magic through the use of powerful computers, often incorporating an Artificial Intelligence. While simple simulations can be processed internally in under a second, more complex rituals may require additional time and be aided by the projection of magic circles. Various effects can be achieved through these simulations, but rituals must be designed prior to use, requiring precise calculations and an in-depth understanding of Astral Theory.


Device Magic was known to have been used extensively by the ancient Centran civilization of Belka. Belkan Magic Devices discovered by archaeologists from Kira's Kingdom were later reverse-engineered, leading to the use of a slightly altered form of Device Magic in Kira's Kingdom.

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