Demetrian Confederation
Political Information
Type of Government
  • Democratic Confederation (de jure)
  • Autocracy (de facto)
Founding Document

Declaration of Demetrian Independence

Head of Government

President Richard Thompson

Societal Information

Kogane City, Demeter

Official Language


Historical Information
Formed From

Minori System Government

Date of Establishment

March 11 NE

Date of Dissolution

February 12 NE

The Demetrian Confederation was a short lived sovereign state formed with the Declaration of Demetrian Independence in March 11 NE and formally dissolved with the signing of the Treaty of Athena in February 12 NE, whereupon it was succeeded by the Republic of Demeter. Despite its name and intent, it was never truly a democratic confederation, as plans to decentralize the government and hold elections could not be completed prior to its dissolution.

Although officially dissolved in February 12 NE, many of the Demetrian Confederation's established and planned governmental structure and processes were inherited by the Republic of Demeter.

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