UCP Crisis

Davis Conflict

November, 11 NE


December, 11 NE


Davis (planet)

  • Settlement of Davis rebellion
  • Increased animosity towards the Jedi Order and Force Users in general
Major battles
  • Davis Space Battle
  • Arion City Battle

Stonewall Federation

True Confederate Patriots (rebel group)


Harry Matel

Commander Al Bieaver

The Davis Conflict was a minor conflict consisting of two battles, one in space above the planet and one in Arion City, the capital of Davis. It began when a peacekeeping force, commanded by Admiral Harry Matel, arrived above planet and was attacked by a group of star destroyers calling themselves the "True Confederate Patriots".


Anti-Force User sentiment, specifically Jedi, continued to rise after the conclusion of the Second Confederate War and the subsequent year following it. Chancellor Abban, the first chancellor of the new formed Stonewall Federation left office in November of 11 NE, ten months after his election, due to the rising tensions, as he was a Force user. This left the seat open and a special election was called to fill the last thirty-eight months of Abban's term.

Three candidates were presented to the public and were investigated for the two week span previous to the election: Theodore Jackson of the Conservative Party, Fletcher Long of the Moderate Party, and Herbert Loss of the Liberal Party. Jackson, although believed to be favorable towards the Jedi, was elected due to the fact he was better known than Long or Loss and because of his heritage to the great General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson from the Civil War over one hundred years previous. Prior to the election, elements on the planet Davis threatened to rebel against the governor of the planet through violence if Jackson was elected due to his Jedi sympathies.

Miniature Civil War

With Jackson's election, the group known as the True Confederate Patriots rebelled, taking a portion of Davis' capital, Arion City. The governor requested aide from the federation government, and Jackson deployed Admiral Harry Matel with a taskforce of star destroyers and corvettes. When Matel arrived, he was confronted by an Armageddon-class Super Star Destroyer and four Vindicator-class Star Destroyers, ships that were supposed to have been decommissioned after the Second Confederate War that had been used by Darth Atra and his empire.

A battle ensued, resulting in the destruction of the Armageddon and two of the Vindicators. The other two Vindicators fled and Matel deployed troops to the besieged city on the planet's surface. There, a team led by Jedi freed the governor and successfully put down the rebellion.

The result of this conflict led Hill to begin questioning secession and if they would do well to seceed.

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