Darth Triduana
Darth Triduana
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Bane, Rivan System

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

25 BNE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color




Chronological and Political Information
  • Jedi Guardian (CJO)
  • Sith Lord (New Sith)
Known Masters
Skills and Abilities

The Force



Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber (red)

Darth Triduana, once known as Abigail Windsor, was a one-time Jedi Knight and Sith Lord of the New Sith Order. She participated in both the First Confederate War and Second Confederate War.

Early Life

Windsor was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 25 BNE. In 15 BNE, Aden Fader encountered her in his travels to Alabama and, with the permission of her parents, took her on as his first padawan. Windsor was successful in her training and attained the rank of Jedi Knight in 1 BNE, where she served as a Jedi Guardian in Alabama.

First Confederate War and Beyond

"I cannot live this life anymore, masters. This is a lie. Peace is a lie. Our order is too weak to defend itself, and we blind ourselves to the true power that could be used to better others. That is why I resign."
―Jedi Knight Windsor to Aden Fader and the other Jedi Masters upon surrendering her lightsaber.

With the outbreak of the First Confederate War, Windsor returned to the Texas Jedi Temple to avoid the war as she knew that Jedi were primarily being targeted by the Jindle regime. She was present upon the Texas Temple Massacre, where the Aztec Sith attacked and killed hundreds of Jedi, including Windsor's lover. After seeing him die, she gave into her anger and hate and destroyed the Aztec Sith around her, finally giving into the Dark Side.

After the end of the war, Windsor met with the remnants of the Confederate Jedi Council and surrendered her lightsaber to her former master, Aden Fader, with the remark that she could not live this life any longer. Fader insisted that she keep her lightsaber, but she remarked that he "did not want to be the one to giver her the weapon that would bring hundreds to their knees in pain."

Windsor constructed a new lightsaber with a red blade, and went on to hunt the remaining Aztec Sith. She encountered several, killing them without mercy and with hate. She finally tracked down Darth Ne'irha, who easily defeated her. Rather than kill her, he offered her a place within his New Sith Order that would be sure no more pain and suffering came to anyone. She accepted, and he trained her for a year in the intricacies of the Sith ways. She was given a Sith name and placed on the Dark Council

Second Confederate War and Expansion

In the time leading up to the Second Confederate War, Windsor, now given the name of Darth Triduana, served as Atra's intelligence and diplomatic officer. She met with many leaders, convincing them to leave the order and its goals alone. She also gathered intelligence on the Stonewall Republic at its highest levels.

When the war broke out, Triduana did some time on the front lines, including at the Battle of Pine Bluff and the Battle of Utah. She was one of the Sith who surrendered to Jedi Master Yux Tarm upon the "defeat" of the Confederate-American Empire.

After the war, Triduana continued to serve on the Dark Council and as Atra's go between.

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