Darth Talbur
Darth Talbur
Biographical information

Ziostos (adoptive)


50 BNE

Physical description





1.85 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

New Empire

Known masters

Unknown Dark Side tutors

Darth Talbur, born Gerd Hammah, was born on a little-known world that was once a member of the Galactic Empire for a short time. Early in the Empire's history, this member world began carrying out a brutal genocide against all Force-sensitive citizens. The Empire stepped in and put a stop to it, taking all Force-sensitives on as refugees and transplanting them to the relatively newly established Korribanosian colony world Ziostos. In all, nearly ten million people were granted asylum, each of them attuned to the Force. Gerd was one of the more powerful members of his people, his powers manifesting in childhood.

After Emperor Walker so graciously welcomed Gerd's people, the man who would become Darth Talbur, along with a great many other citizens, swore life-long allegiance to Korribanos and to the Emperor himself.

In 14NE, Gerd, now calling himself Darth Talbur, attacked Darth Taral in his office at the Sith Academy on Korribanos. The two fought a ferocious battle, Talbur eventually being knocked to the ground by a punch to the face. It was then that he admitted that he was, in fact, auditioning for a job as a Sith instructor. Taral, impressed, accepted Talbur and hired him at the Sith academy.

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