Adas Betrayer
Darth Mangral
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Death

4140 BNE

Physical Description




Skin Color

Red w/ black tattoos

Chronological and Political Information

Lord Adas's second-in-command

Skills and Abilities

The Force

Other Skills

Force Lightning

Miscellaneous Information
  • Lightsaber
  • The Force

Darth Mangral was a Chagrian Sith Lord living during the New Sith Wars in the Old Galaxy. He served as the second-in-command of Lord Adas. Twelve years before Adas and his fleet would make the historic trip to the Milky Way galaxy, Mangral decided to kill Adas and assume command himself. In a shocking act of betrayal, when Adas was struck down by a Jedi blade in battle, instead of helping his fellow Dark Lord, Mangral attacked Adas with a burst of Force lightning.

Though it was believed that Adas was killed, he had managed to slip into a powerful Force-induced stasis, wherein he was able to recover from his injuries. Several weeks after the attack, Adas confronted his surprised lieutenant and, in front of a large crowd, challenged him to a duel.

Mangral was killed when Adas plunged both of his lightsabers through the Chagrian's chest. His betrayal avenged, Adas resumed command of the Sith fleet.

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