Darth Kadaver
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  • Sith
  • ImperiusX
  • Galactic Empire
Known apprentices
  • Robert Barclay
  • Erin Barclay
  • Daniel Jackson

Lord Kadaver, once known as Seryon Illia, achieved the rank of Sith Master in ImperiusX.
Though he and his methods were viewed as peculiar by his peers, he is an undeniably skilled Sith Lord, and his knowledge was responsible for the creation of an entierly sovereign Sith Order, earning him much prestige.
In 14 NE, he volunteered to be an instructor for the Imperial Order of the Sith.

Personal History

To Evermist

Traits and Abilities

  • Practitioner of Djem So/Shien


Darth Kadaver is an enigmatic man with a shady past who has created an array of unorthodox means of education in the Ways of the Sith. He is a very hard man to read, more often than not keeping to himself and almost never volunteering information when he deems it unnecessary.
He is, nevertheless, quite wise. A product of his dedication to the study of Dark Side, no doubt. Though, as noted above, he is not one to share this wisdom easily.

Teaching Methods

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Everything but the tests and the lies is a test or a lie. Follow the instructions, but not too carefully."
―A cryptic warning from a recent graduate of Darth Kadaver's.[src]

Openly observed by his peers in ImperiusX as unusual but effective, many students still gain a tendancy to avoid his teaching as much as possible, as he is a notorious taskmaster.

Often times he will choose to speak cryptically to his students, presenting them with minor riddles or vague metaphors and like. At other times he may chose to provoke students to the point of violence, only to defeat them with the purpose of teching them some wisdom. He has no pre-set curriculum, and instead teaches however and whatever he feels is appropriate.

Generally speaking, though, he has a tendancy to keep his students on-edge, punishing them when they let their guard down. His graduate students in ImperiusX did not have high priase for their teacher, despite the skill they had ended up with.

He seems unable to combine strength training, focusing on brute strength both in body and through the Force, and training in a more intellectual way, the kind of training ideal for spies and assassins, treating them as two completely separate curriculums that cannot be balanced or intertwined.

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