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Darth Akumorn/Alpha Mur
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46 BNE, 358 PVRU


4 NE, 408 PVRU

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Dark brown, long

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“Part of the will of the Force, Aporia, is chaos. Our order has too little of it. Thus I will introduce it, lest the Order become stagnant." -Akumorn to Darth Aporia

Alpha Mur was born in raised in the True Sith Order on Vortex. He fought alongside Erithil Sedjere during the Vortex-Ruby War and was instrumental in bringing the conflict to an end. Around the time that Erithil took up governance of Atrastrumterra, the now ‘Darth Akumorn’ became one of the Sith Regents for the Order, doubling also as personal assistant and bodyguard for Erithil. He was the original proponent for Peaceful Jedi/Sith Relations amongst the True Sith. But around a decade later he instigated a violent infiltration of Paraguay in order to steal data from its central computers. He was slain there, with considerable assistance from other members of the True Sith Order, and it is not clear if the data he stole was ever transferred or put to use.

He leaves a significant legacy in the form of several True Sith influenced by him, including his former apprentice: Darth Tanbadam. He also left a Holocron in which he also encapsulated a portion of his spirit, which was central to the training of Darth Atrumcavus. In addition, he has a mysterious connection with the being known once as Niarcmorn and now known as Chiarcmorn. Finally, his rescue and subsequent deposit of Amalia Nuunfire/Reina into the hands of an unidentifiable and undistinctive family has had the significant consequence of leaving a being of possibly unprecedented levels of Force ability on the loose.

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Appearances so far

-Shadow is drawing near RP

-Unknown Regions RP(flashback)

-Atrumcavus training arc(holocron)

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