Darth Abyssus
Darth Abyssus
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Bane, Rivan System

Place of Birth

Vortex Union

Date of Birth

30 BNE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information
  • Sith Steward
  • Sith Master
Known Masters

Darth Atra

Skills and Abilities

The Force



Miscellaneous Information

Lightsabers (red)

Darth Abyssus was a Sith Master in the New Sith Order during the Confederate War Era and Reconstruction Era. She briefly served on the Dark Council for a short period of time before resigning to go undercover into the Hassarkian Federation to destroy it and manipulate it for her own means.

Life Before the Sith

Abyssus was born as Abylin Missendor in the Vortex Union on Sky's Edge in 30 BNE. She successfully graduated frmo the School of Accounting in 10 BNE and worked as an accountant in Sky's Edge. She led a relatively boring life until meeting Darth Atra at her bank she worked at.

Darth Abyssus, Lady of Madness

In 5 NE, Missendor was assigned by the bank she worked at to aide a man who had come to withdraw the contents of his lock box. By this point, Missendor was sick of her job and her life style, wanting to be something greater. She knew she was Force sensitive and had done some mediocre training in the dark side, however she wished for a real teacher to take her on. However, she did not dare join the True Sith.

The man, going by the name of John Salus, had her supervise him as he went through the contents of his lock box. Most of these items were money, however there were some Sith manuscripts and a holocron held in there. Missendor could not contain herself, and sensing his Force presence, blurted out that he had to be a Sith.

Salus, who was really Darth Atra, lashed out with the Force and held her up against the wall, choking her. Through her strangulation, she managed to ask Atra to do one of two things: either kill her for her life was insignificant, or take her on as an apprentice and train her in the ways of the dark side. He let her go, and revealed his true identity and took her on as an apprentice.

Missendor completed her training in 8 NE, and took on the name of Darth Abyssus, Lady of Madness. Her specialty was breaking into other's minds and causing them to go insane, or to see gruesome things and feel these things, even though they were not real. She did this to Charles Davis in 9 NE, simulating that he was getting his intestines torn out of him and his leg sawed off to convince him to cooperate with Darth Atra.

Abyssus went undercover into Davis' fleet as an admiral to watch him to make sure he did not betray the C.A.E. to the Stonewall Republic or to the Consortium. She completed this undercover mission in late 9 NE when the Hassarkian Federation fleet came under attack and Davis was captured.

She was promoted to Sith Master and given a seat on the Dark Council. However, she abandoned her seat because of the politics involved and continued to serve by training students in the academy on Bane.

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