Daniel R.The Democratic Republic of Danic is represented by President Daniel Rabbat. Every citizen has an equal vote in the election of officials, though the elected officials will often win having only their immediate family's vote. The people of Danic are so technologically advanced that each citizen does not physically go to work, but simply thinks of his/her office space and it materializes in whatever physical space they currently occupy. Health care is available to each citizen by right of birth and all health care officials are paid incentives for keeping citizens healthy.

Crime is non-existent due to the constant vigilance of a well organized policing force which exclusively uses capital punishment against all violators of the law. Danic has great pride in its powerful military force which does not hesitate to reprimand any violation of the law publicly and with unusually excessive force. Any citizen may practice any religion, but no public policy may be passed solely on the moral obligations of any one religion. In Danic, learning is held to the highest of virtues and any citizen may take free classes to further their education.

Conservation issues drive this nation's production of vehicles that run completely on human waste. The needs of large corporations dictate labor practices and tax laws, affording the largest of the corporations the cushion they need to hold competitive wages for their CEO's, and citizens of Danic enjoy any freedom they deem appropriate, given it does not infringe upon the freedoms of any other citizen or offend any other citizen in practice.GeographicCapital: Danielic Climate: Mediterranean

DemographicPopulation: 8,926 Military Size: 4,051 Primary Religion: Danicism Language: Danican

EconomicCurrency: 72 Grachs = 1 Hset Wealth: $701,885,279 Unemployment: 0.26%

PatrioticMotto: One Nation, One Voice Nickname: Daza Color(s): Blue, Yellow, Orange Flower: Lotus Tree: Palm Tree Animal: Emu, Because it can only walk forwards it can't go backwards! Bird: Eagle Faction

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