The DJR Empire
Political Information
Type of Government


Head of State

Dark Emperor David Turner

Societal Information

DJR Imperial Planet

Official Language



Imperial Mark

Historical Information
Date of Establishment

661 BNE

Date of Reorganization

8 BNE (reorganized into the DJR Republic


This Empire was one of the longest standing governments to last on Hassark Prime, then known as the DJR Imperial Planet. Its last Emperor was Dark Emperor David Turner. It was ended by his son, Jedi Knight Daniel Turner, restoring the planet into the DJR Republic.

Summary of the Empire

For the first two hundred years of the Empire, the throne went peacefully from Emperor to Emperor, without much public dispute. However, this ended with Emperor Gabriel Hut, who was brutally slaughtered by his second-in-command. Ironically for him, his name was never recorded, and has such been lost to time.

Known for its ruthlessness, and bitter politics after that, the DJR Empire was ruled by men and women who took command, by killing the person who was in command at the time, just because they could. Historical records of who was on the throne for any length of time is unknown, as many of the records of this time period were either lost or destroyed by the person who took the throne next.

Conditions of the nation invariably grew worse over the next four hundred years, forcing people to wonder 'how much worse can this possibly get?', only to be answered with an army of soldiers marching down the main street.

Things didn't change, until Dark Emperor David Turner took control. Although he did little to stop the people feeling any worse about the situation, he changed things politically, leaving him in power. His reign started in 55 BNE, and would last for nearly 50 years. This was until the Dark Emperor's son killed him, and turned the Empire into the DJR Republic.

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