The Cyrodian Republic (commonly known as Cyrodia, or FB-1 Colony One) is a federal constitutional republic comprising of 12 provinces and a federal city. The nation is situated on the Rebelion-owned planet of Ian, which serves as the principal planet of the Systems Commonwealth. It is bordered by Alterra to the North, Rebelion to the East, and the Caspian Ocean to the South and West. The nation possesses islands in the Caspian directly off the coast as well as a few colonies dispersed throughout Ian's star system.

Around 2 million square kilometers of land comprise the nation of Cyrodia, including it's outer colonies administered by the Cyrodian Department of Outer Colonies (DOC), supporting a population near 13 million Cyrodians. Cyrodia is an ethnically diverse nation with the majority of citizens being either of Eden or Rebelion descent. Cyrodia also has a estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of $1.2 trillion Alterros.

Currently Cyrodia has the largest standing military force on Ian, mostly due to the Cyrodian Reinvestment and Militarization Acts of 2252. These acts were recently passed due to the newly reformed nation declaring independence from Alterran commonwealthship following the Fall of Cyrodia in 2170 in MS-1 Universe.

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