Cyberdroids are cyborgs developed and manufactured by the GENOM Corporation. They are especially common in Kira's Kingdom, where they can be found operating in many fields, both civilian and military. They are often referred to by the slang "Boomer" in reference to their integral role in the Space Boom.


As cyborgs, Cyberdroids have both electromechanical and biological components. They are available in many forms depending on their intended role, and while their biological components may be based on existing organisms they are most often custom-engineered at the genetic level. They may be controlled solely by a computer, or may have a computer-supported biological brain, and can be designed with varying degrees of intelligence and autonomy depending on their purpose.



Cyberdroids are employed in numerous civilian fields, but are most commonly found in construction, especially in space, deep-sea, or other hostile environments. The are also often used in logistical, mechanical, and medical roles, and humanoid cyberdroids are occasionally seen in various service industries.

Military and Law EnforcementEdit

In addition to serving many of the same roles as civilian cyberdroids, military models can be used in combat, scouting, patrolling, and stealth operations, and are commonly used to keep human soldiers out of unnecessarily dangerous situations. Law enforcement cyberdroids typically feature similar designs to military models, with less powerful and often non-lethal weapons.


Cyberdroids are a common type of automaton in Kira's Kingdom, where their popularity is attributed to their widespread use in the rapid development of extraterrestrial settlements during the Space Boom. Efforts have been made to export cyberdroids to foreign nations, but have met with limited success against the more popular electromechanical-only droids.

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