Curtopia, a peace loving and friendly place, bring your family for a vacation

Cultural HeritageEdit

Curtopia is located in northern Aels and Eastern Canada. Originally colonized by the French following ship wrecks in the northern islands. Original peoples are related to North American First Nations. Scottish and Irish settlers arrived in North-West Curtopia in the early 1700's. Culture became more diverse and conflict in the form of a short civil war occurred in the 1740's with pirate/privateers and African slaves settling in the country also (similarly due to shipwrecks and privateers seeking safety from Royal navy and later American Navy.

Geography and ResourcesEdit

North of Aels is considered lush and well forested. South is mountainous and mineral rich. Centre is largely plains with oil fields and open pit mining in some areas. Country is self sufficient due to the early government positions of neutrality (enforced) and a wish to be independent from France and England after the 1820's.

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