"Com back to Command, and figure out where we're supposed to move to!"

-Field officer to a junior officer in reference to Confederate High Command

Confederate High Command was originally formed during the First Confederate War by then President Bob Jindle of the C.S.A. Confederate High Command at that time was made up of the High General of the Confederate Army and the High Commandant of the Confederate Marines. In addition to those two officers, the High Admiral of the Confederate States Space Corps and the Confederate States President were included in the Command.

After the formation of the Confederate-American Empire, Darth Atra formed his own Confederate High Command to use during the Second Confederate War. Atra incorporated elements of his Dark Council into the Command structure, placing himself at the head of High Command and his Commander of Sith Forces, Darth Lues, in it as well. By 10 NE, Atra had added two more seats to High Command, that of Darth Lacuna and Darth Ignarus.

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