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Formed in the wake of the anti-Zlost war, the Coalition of Greater powers includes (fill in).... Notably Alpha Centuri and Continental Rapture (ACCR), the Jedi nation which actually instigated the 1st Anti-Zlost War did not have a seat, perhaps because it was a nation rather than a Power, or became disinterested after its successful defeat of Zlost.

Its stated purpose is to "protect others, including members of this group," and was widely believed to both guard against future Zlostian aggression, and also help the dominant Powers emerging from that war coordinate their influence and military defense. The group was exclusive, invitation-only and intended to require tight loyalty and mutual defense.

A notable exception occurred, however as a result of talks between the Jedi Order, Barsus and then NAP Legislature Cruse. The Grand Master of the Order was offered a Jedi Ethics Advisory Seat that did not require military participation, but was intended to continue the Order's partnership with several Powers in improving human rights concerns that arose during the war. The Jedi actually became a fairly active member, however, both urging moderation towards the nation of Krakohzia during the end of the 2nd Anti Zlost/Kirovian War, and later becoming one of the most active watchdogs against Zlostian and WDA aggressions against the United Nations, world leaders and superweapon threats such as the Zlostian Deathmoon- as well as a number of other inter-Factional issues such as the Tudors War. It came to serve a number of the purposes of the later Powers Association for a wider number of Powers.

The group also tracked anti-Jedi tensions of Zlost's longtime WDA ally Levant al Assad in the tensions leading up to the UNT War, eventually being eclipsed by the Galactic Interfactional Coalition and the looser Allied Powers that finally defeated the UNT.

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