Chieftan Wilkinson I of the Marjn, born 1799, died 1856.


Born March 1799 to Chieftan Marn and his first wife, Ismeldaa, Wilkinson was the heir to the Chieftanship of the Marjn Tribe. At the age of 17, he left the land of the tribes to wander around a greater area. Over the course of the next 15 years he wandered across the globe, from Canada, where he visited the believed birth site of Birt, to Egypt, where Birt fought for a while as a mercenary. However, greatest time of all did he spend amongst the Chinese people.

There he discovered the legends of Birt's time as a mercenary there, and indeed that his wife, Xhas, after whom the tribe is descended, was of Chinese origin. Above all else though, Wilkinson dedicated his time to the teachings of Lao Tzu, and converted to Daoism whilst in China. He eventually returned home via Mongolia and Russia in 1831. A year later he became a father to a son by the wife he had taken in China, and in 1837 he became Chieftan of the Marjn Tribe after his father died.

Inspired by what he had learnt in China, he set about trying to settle the Birtish people, founding the city of Birtsmorton (now a ruin), and adopting Daoism as the official religion of the new City-State. The tribes reacted less than enthusiastically to this move by the Chieftan of the Marjn, and Birtsmorton never became much of a permanent settlement, but instead became a place where caravans met to trade. None of this put off the Chieftan, who carried on his attempts to convert the Birtish to Daoism - his greatest attempt being the construction of the Great Temple of Dao (destroyed in 1901).

In 1856, his son, James Wilkinson, impatient for his chance to lead, organised a coup against his father's leadership. Using the Daoist priests, he deposed his father, and installed himself as Grand Master of the new theocratic government. Chieftan Wilkinson went out alone into the wilderness, and died a week after his sons betrayl.

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