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Chiarcmorn was a phantom that appeared to Darth Atra while traveling through the Vortex Union. His life is unknown except that he was a high ranking Sith.

Appearance to Atra

"Kill these worshipers, and you shall be on your way to the path of power."

-Chiarcmorn to Atra

While Ne'irha was visiting Jusinbello he went to the Temple of Dark Akumorn. This had been erected shortly after the death of the late Akumorn.

While visiting, Chiarcmorn appeared and ordered the former Aztec Sith to kill the innocent worshipers. Without hesitation, the being formerly known as Darth Ne'irha ignited a newly constructed lightsaber and attacked the worshipers. They immediately produced force pikes and lightsabers, and fought Ne'irha.

Instead of simply using his lightsaber, Ne'irha used the Force to smash the his opponents into walls and other hard surfaces, leaving the temple bloody and shattered bodies surrounding the room.

Chiarcmorn then uttered "And now, you're real training shall begin."

Training Ne'irha/Atra

"You must steel yourself, focus yourself, and ignore the pain. Get up! Face me! Learn how to push those feelings away and CONTROL them!"

-Chiarcmorn to Ne'irha while training

Chiarcmorn trapped Ne'irha inside his own mind and placed him through many vigorous tests and training. Details are sketchy, but this is where Ne'irha learned his lightsaber form and how to peer into the future.

Upon exiting Ne'irha's mind, Chiarcmorn forced him to kneel.

"You are mortal. You are not invincible. Remember this, and you shall achieve your goals and dreams and not fail.

Do not become distracted, do not lose focus. Remember that, and you shall live for eternity.

Meditate, and surf the Force. Search through these currents, and the truth you shall find.

If you follow the advice I have imparted upon you, than you shall achieve your goals. You are now a Dark Lord of the Sith,

of your order that you shall soon form. This is why I instill upon you your Sith name, Atra. which is 'dark' in Latin. This is what

you shall be, the shadow, the night, until your time comes."

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