MTK Flag

The original and currently used flag of the Order of the Watcher

The Central Federal Republic of Katasia/Meerkat Templar Knights calls the world of Laptev home alongside the other members of the Laptev Axis. It's twin capitals are Karak & New Karak representing the now almost total seperation between the democratic Federal Government and the timocratic theocracy of the Order of the Watcher.

Karak is the ancient capital of Katasia and the birthplace of unified Katasia. It is dominated overhead by the massive Chateau of the Watcher, a mighty fortress built over the city after the Order's victory over the last remenants of the Katasian mountain city states. It is now the seat of federal government in the Central Federal Republic, unifying the states of Katasia under it's parliament and senate buildings along with the Chateau itself which serves as the presidents home.

New Karak is the Order's newly built capital. The city exists on board the OSL Charon the gigantic fleetship measuring over 700 miles in diameter, a floating fortress protecting the Laptev system and serving as a mobile homeworld for the Order of the Watcher. It is a mixture of sleek and modern building materials mixed with clever architecture intended to replicate the Order's homeland back on Laptev.

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