The Centra were a sentient humanoid species native to the planet Centra that went extinct several thousand years prior to the planet's discovery and settlement by Kira's Kingdom.


The Centra were similar to humans in appearance and anatomy, and had fair skin and a wide variety of often unusual hair and eye colors, possibly indicative of Astral Exposure.


At the time of their extinction, the Centra were an early star-faring civilization, possessing outposts in several nearby star systems. Of particular note was their use of highly advanced Magitech, much of which was still operational when discovered by Kira's Kingdom explorers and archaeologists.


In an event known as the Lunar Cry, Astral lifeforms native to Centra's moon descended to the planet, devastating Centran civilization and leading to the breakdown of their institutions. Centran interstellar outposts, primarily military, were recalled to restore order, but ultimately failed to do so. A period of anarchy lasting several decades followed as surviving Centra struggled against the violent creatures before eventually dying out, no longer possessing the ability to escape the planet. Centran records indicate that they knew similar disasters had occurred periodically in the distant past, but were unable to estimate when it would occur again.

Although some Centra are known to have survived on other planets, evidence suggests that these settlements did not have a sufficient breeding population, and the surviving Centra either dwindled to extinction or merged with native humanoid sentients, with any potential descendants becoming indiscernible by the late BNE era.

Modern ImpactEdit

The discovery of Centran ruins has had a significant impact on Kira's Kingdom, most notably in the reverse-engineering of magitech. Culturally, the Centra have been heavily romanticized in Kira's Kingdom society, with depictions of varying accuracy appearing frequently in modern media. Due to the widespread use of magitech, and the interstellar territories of Kira's Kingdom closely matching the area previously occupied by the Centra, some have called Kira's Kingdom the successor to Centran civilization.

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