Biographical Information
Current Residence

Sith Academy, Korribanos

Place of Birth

Kyrsei, Syai

Date of Birth

4 N.E.

Physical Description





121 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color




Chronological and Political Information



The Kingdom of Ish'Cong

Imperial Order of the Sith



Skills and Abilities

Force Sensitive



Galactic Basic

Ceiyss was one of a number of people whose Force sensitivity was uncovered after a drive by the Regent Lelli to uncover such persons in Ish'Cong. Under his orders, she was taken from Bonded training, to develop her Force talents under the Imperial Order of the Sith.


Early Life

Imperial Order of the Sith

First Test

Like all the new prospective students, Ceiyss went along to the field near the Academy. She wound up teaming up with Tryoun and Darth Umbra, who was secretely disguised as a student at the time. However, unlike the other students Ceiyss was not initally tested by the Hssiss illusions. Rather, she underwent a different sort of exam once the mists came

She was led away from where she had been keeping watch by an illusion meant to resemble Tryoun, and shown multiple other illusions while she was influenced to ignore any unrealistic features of these illusions. Specifically, she was shown a battle in which Ishii armed forces under command of PJ Lelli were massacring the Bonded. Regent Lelli explained to her that he had no more need of the Bonded, while being shown to be a liar by the presence of Ihylln sa'Niall walking unmolested through the Ishii ranks.

While being shown these horrific images that apparently contradicted everything she had ever known or trusted, a mysterious voice talked to her through a mental connection. The voice attempted to convince the girl to attack Lelli in vengeance for what he was doing to her people. It lectured her on trusting others and on her loyalties. Despite all this though, she could not bring herself to attack Lelli, and instead flung herself at the Ishii troops only.

The illusion ended shortly thereafter.


A very physical and active girl, she is very in touch with her emotions.

Ceiyss is angered by the way the Bonded are treated in Ish'Cong by the general populace, even though she understands why.



Like all Bonded, Ceiyss never met nor knew her birth parents or Family. Nor does she have any desire to.

Since she left Ish'Cong and Bonded training before she was far enough along in that training to select her Family name, she remains only Ceiyss.

The identity of her bond-mate is unknown.


She has close relations with many of her fellow trainees back in Bonded training in Kyrsei.

She had met her partner for the Imperial Order of the Sith mission some time before, but hadn't gotten to know Tryoun very well.

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