� "You want me for an internatoinal terrorist hunting team! Sounds like fun...where do I sign?"- Captain Jack Aden


Childhood and early army career

Jack Tomas Adens was Born on June 12th 2025 to Mrs Emma Adens and Major Edward Adens Royal Barnopean Marines. As a young Boy Jack moved alot around Barnopea Due to his Fathers Marine Duty's the Young lad attended Westerton Primry school for the most part At Age 9 he saw something that that would Change his life and Ponit him in the direction of BSAS at school one day� the children Got a shock when a Paratrooper From 4th Battlion Royal Parachute Reigment landed in the play Ground From that Day all young� jack whanted to be was a paratrooper � at age 11 jack along with the rest Of his school year when to highschool his First year at high school was unaventfull� in his second year jack took the entrance exam to Willobrook State Millitary acadimy and passed with flying colours he Joined Willobrook � half way throught the seconed year he was a member of Rodes House the army's house he was a Good student as passed all his exams he� met Both Col D Peers and Liut-Col A Walker he Graduated willobrook as head cadet at 18 he Did a Degree in battle comand at Warbeck the Armed forces collage� after that he tried to Join the Para's � but was told he was to young and Must� serive in a normal regiment he joined the 1st Battion� Royal Nadensburg Regiment he saw action with the regiment after 2 years he joined the para's

Joining the BSAS and careerEdit

after a year in the� Royal Parachute Reigment he was offered to Join the Barnopean special air service (BSAS)he past the Grualing seliction in to the BSAS apon Joining he was given the Rank of Captain he and the rest of the BSAS fought in the last major war on aels

he was seleced to Join TF 190 because he is one of the best men for the job

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