Caesar of San AlejandroEdit

Deomocratically elected by the people to serve a life term, the Caesar of San Alejandro is the Alejandrian Head of Government. The head of Senatus Populusque Alejandrius (SPQA; Alejandrian Senate) and the Dux Imperator of the Alejandrian Armed Forces, the Caesar virtually holds all power within San Alejandro.

History of the TitleEdit

In 58 BC, Marinus the Great, the greatest military leader in Alejandrian history, took over the Respvblika d'Alessandro in a bloodless coup and installed himself as the first Emperor, or Caesar, of the new Alessandrian Empire. All descendants after him took the same title. In 1602 AD, Caesar Massimo Marino passed the Olive Branch Act (one of many acts of the same name), stating that Caesars in the New State of San Alejandro would be democratically elected. The first democratically elected Caesar of San Alejandro was Caesar Ernesto Capuzzi in 1603 AD.

Distinguished Caesars of San AlejandroEdit

Alexander E. Marino (2008 - present)

Pasquale Carmine (2004 - 2008 AD)

Joesph Marino (1990 - 2004 AD)

Vittorio Valentino (1965 - 1967 AD)

Jaime Vasquez-Molotov (1922 - 1939 AD)

Alistair Foxcroft (1831 - 1886 AD)

Marcel Malta (1712 - 1754 AD)

Ernesto Capuzzi (1603 - 1630 AD)

Massimo Marino (1601 - 1603 AD)

Marino Marino V (342 - 405 AD)

Marino Marino III (241 - 288 AD)

Marino Marino (151 - 217 AD)

Giacomo Marino (90 - 150 AD)

Arnim of Foro (20 - 53 AD)

Sextus Marinus (1 BC - 20 AD)

Marinus the Great (Marino the Great) (ruled 58 BC - 1 BC)

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