• ProfessorMike

    Any activity?

    August 9, 2015 by ProfessorMike

    Just wondering if there's any activity at all on this site since Nations was removed from Facebook.

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  • SithMasterJosh

    Nations 2.0

    August 21, 2011 by SithMasterJosh

    First of all I would just like to give a massive shoutout to one of our admins, Gene, and thank him for all of the hard work he's put into the technical side of this site. You can chalk all of our new infobox mods entirely to him and his magical coding skills. So on behalf of all Facebook Nations Wiki users, thank you, Gene. You've really helped make this place look professional.

    Now, onto business. It would seem we are mere weeks away from the launch of the new Nations app on Facebook. From the sound of things, it's going to be very cool. It will undoubtedly bring in new players and revitalize RP. And that means more potential Wiki members. It's my hope that somewhere down the line we may even be able to link this site to the new Nations ap…

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  • GeneSmith

    Modular Infoboxes

    August 12, 2011 by GeneSmith

    Modular infoboxes are a new feature available on the Facebook Nations Wiki. In short, they make use of 'module templates' which contain sections of infobox code that, when combined, create a complete infobox. This provides a number of advantages: it will be easier, and less time consuming, to create new infoboxes or edit existing ones, syntax errors will be easier to spot with less code to search, and new features, such as infobox color schemes (which will become available as existing infoboxes are modularized), can be added to all modular infoboxes at once, reducing their roll-out time from months to minutes.

    Over the coming weeks/months, existing infoboxes will be modularized. This will not affect how they appear, and all pages which alre…

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  • SithMasterJosh

    Since my last blog, we have implemented a number of big changes around here. Some are obvious, such as the total makeover, and some aren't. I've added 9 new templates and I've placed a list of all our currently used templates on the Recent Wiki Activity page. Just above that, I've also placed a link to a category page where you will find a list of articles that need attention. I expect that list to grow, so make sure you're always taking a peek to see if there isn't anything you might be able to add.

    Finally, what may be the biggest change of all, there are rumors abound that Nations on Facebook will soon be no more. This means that everything that has been built over the last three years that hasn't been documented here may be lost. So pleas…

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  • Free Jedi


    June 1, 2011 by Free Jedi

    I finally started an account and made some updates on my nation and the cult information.  :)

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  • SithMasterJosh

    So recently I've turned on the Wiki Badges, as most of you undoubtedly have noticed already. Personally, I like them. They're a fun way to add a little competition to the Wiki and maybe help stimulate some activity.

    We've also got a set of rules/guidelines in the works, hopefully to be posted soon. In light of recent events, I and the other admins felt it important to have a clear and coherent set of rules for the Wiki that everyone needs to follow. They're mostly common sense rules, but nevertheless, some people require them to be written down. And so we are.

    We are drawing ever closer to the 1000 page mark and I couldn't be more thrilled! We've just hit 700 articles, which just blows me away. In just a little over a year, this place has ex…

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