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Belinda Fader
Belinda Akira Fader
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

270 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark blue

Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Grand Master (or Mistress)

Known Masters

Jess Salhem

Known Apprentices

Kadin Fader

Family Information
Elder Siblings

Jason Fader

Relationship Information

Jerome Loss (?-301 NE)

Skills and Abilities

The Force



Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber (green)

Belinda Fader was a human Jedi Master and served as the Grand Master of the Confederate Jedi Order during the Jedi Rebellion. She was a descendant of Aden Fader and a member of the Fader family.


Early Life

Belinda Fader was born in 270 NE on Aduro to two Jedi parents. She was expected to carry on the way of the Jedi as her parents and her ancestors before her.

In 275 NE, she was apprenticed to Jess Salhem, who was the Grand Master of the Confederate Jedi Order at the time.

In 288, Fader was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.


Belinda Fader served as a Jedi Consular and diplomat for several years before being promoted to the Jedi Council in 292 NE. She served as a Jedi Master until she was appointed Grand Master of the Order when Salhem stepped down in 298 NE. As Grand Master, Salhem was in favor of more independence from the main Unified Jedi Order. She worked to gain more power for the Confederate Jedi Order, despite the fact her brother, Jason Fader, sat on the Unified Order's Jedi Council.

Fader took another apprentice in 300 NE, her distantly related cousin's son, Kadin Fader.

In 301 NE, Fader discovered she was pregnant due to a romantic relationship with the main order's own Grand Master, Jerome Loss. It was at this time she broke off the relationship due to Loss's extreme anti-Sith ambitions.

Fader gave birth to her son, Daryn Fader, in 301 NE. It was at this time that she focused more on spending time with her newborn son, assigning the bulk of Kadin Fader's training to her friend and tutor, Napiek Tessek.

In 307 NE, Fader separated the Confederate Jedi Order from the Unified Order after increasing pressure to abandon their traditional beliefs.

Personality and Beliefs

Fader was reported as being cheerful and optimistic by her friends and family. She always acted in the best interests of the Confederate Order.

It is believed that Fader was a subscriber of the Gray Jedi philosophy, although she did not advertise it as Grand Master.

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