Beatrice Yasu
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Rokkenjima, Japan

  • The Golden Witch
  • The Witch of Dreams
Physical Description


Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and Political Information

Mariage Sorciere

Relationship Information
Personal Information

Beatrice Yasu (安ベアトリス Yasu Beatorisu), is a Category A Astral Entity also known as the Golden Witch and the Witch of Dreams. She is the leader of the Mariage Sorciere and is known to assist humans she finds interesting, but the purpose behind her actions appears to be nothing more than to stave off boredom, and she will quickly abbandon any situation that she does not find entertaining. As cruel as she is powerful, she will often toy with her opponents before killing them.


Prior to her death many decades ago, Beatrice was a practitioner of an obscure magic. Thanks to this she was able to "survive" by anchoring her soul to the island of Rokkenjima, becoming an entity similar to a Force Ghost. Due to her nature as a disembodied spirit she enjoys a closer connection to the Astral Lines than could a living human, and as a result she is able to use the normally highly taxing Projection Magic to manifest physically at any location of her choosing. While this method allows her to interact with the physical world without restrictions, it is not perfect; because her soul must manifest within the body she creates, she can be harmed by physical damage that her projected body sustains, although normally mortal injuries would not be sufficient to destroy her completely.

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