Developed by High Priestess Marianne Leclair and Pandemonium Laboratory's owner and chief researcher Garland, Astral Theory seeks to reconcile seemingly contradictory evidence gathered by various organizations and individuals. The theory posits the existence of an Astral Plane, which exists alongside the physical plane and provides the necessary energy for otherwise unexplainable phenomenon, such as Force-use. Astral Theory forms the basis of Magitech.

Astral PlaneEdit

According to Astral Theory, energy from the Astral Plane is a necessity for life. All organic lifeforms posses a certain amount of Astral Energy, drawn from the Astral Plane at birth. This energy forms the soul, or consciousness, of the lifeform. Upon death both the Astral Energy and the soul return the Astral Plane, merging to form a collective consciousness and, in most cases, losing their individuality.

Astral EntitiesEdit

Astral Entities are conscious entities either existing on the Astral Plane ( sometimes manifesting in the physical realm through the use of Projection), or relying heavily upon Astral Energy for their survival. It has been theorized that the 'deities' worshiped by many religions may be exceptionally powerful Astral Entities.

Astral PotentialEdit

Astral Potential refers to an individual's capacity to draw in and channel Astral energy through their body. This is considered separate from one's ability to control that energy. Individuals are born with a certain natural Astral Potential, with most people having very little, but it can be improved with practice.

Relation to the ForceEdit

The Force is viewed by Astral Theorists as another name for the Astral Plane. According to this view, Midi-Chlorians boost their host's ability to control Astral Energy, and are more likely to manifest in individuals with a high Astral Potential. This explains why individuals with higher Midi-Chlorian counts tend to have better control over the Force.

Astral Theory explains the perceived "will" of the Force as an extension of the collective consciousness.

Astral ManipulationEdit

In addition to Force-Sensitives' ability to direct Astral Energy through willpower alone, a variety of other methods have existed throughout history, many of which rely upon intricate rituals and ceremonies. Many ancient civilizations utilized such "magic," but as science advanced these practices became less common, eventually fading into obscurity. Those who are able to manipulate Astral Energy are referred to as Adepts.

The discovery of Magitech led to a resurgence of Astral manipulation in Kira's Kingdom, made significantly more efficient through the use of advanced technology and a more scientific understanding of Astral Energy.

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