Astral exposure refers to the exposure to and subsequent absobtion of Astral Energy by an object or organism. Although a certain amount of Astral exposure is normal and harmless to organic lifeforms, excessive exposure can have a variety of health effects.

Prolonged Astral ExposureEdit


Unnatural pigmentation of the hair and eyes is a common symptom of Prolonged Astral Exposure

Exposure to slightly above-average levels of Astral Energy over an extended period of time can induce a number of symptoms, most of which are harmless. The most common of these symptoms is the unnatural pigmentation of the hair and eyes, while significantly rarer symptoms include mild psychological changes and the development of limited Astral Manipulation abilities.

The level and duration of exposure at which symptoms will appear varies from person to person, and among individuals of approximately the same age it is currently impossible to determine susceptibility to PAE until symptoms appear. Children are generally more susceptible, and PAE-induced traits are often passed from mother to child or aquired independently by newborn children. PAE susceptibility has not been definitevly linked to any other health concerns, but it is speculated that it may corrolate to susceptibility to Astral Poisoning.

Due to the prevalence of Magitech, which utilizes Astral Energy, PAE-induced traits are relatively common in Kira's Kingdom.

Astral PoisoningEdit

Astral Poisoning can result from exposure to exceptionally high Astral Energy levels, with the severity depending on the level and duration of the exposure. The necessary levels rarely occur naturally, and all currently documented cases of Astral Poisoning have been caused by malfunctioning high-energy Magitech. Symptoms can include a variety of psychological and neurological conditions, coma, muscle weakness, and organ dysfunction or failure, depending on the severity of the poisoning. No cure is currently available, but in less severe cases recovery is possible if the symptoms can be treated sufficiently to preserve life.

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