Astral Academy
General Information
Organization Type


  • Japan (4 NE - 11 NE)
  • Themis (11 NE - Present)
Historical Information

4 NE

Other Information

New Empire


Kira's Kingdom

The Astral Academy is a state-sponsored orgainzation responsible for training Force-sensitives in Kira's Kingdom. It was established in 4 NE to make proper training widely availabe to the nation's Force-sensitives, who previously could only recieve training from private teachers or by joining the Kira's Blades. The Academy was administrated from Japan until 11 NE, when its headquaters were moved to its Themis campus following the Japan Liberation Front's uprising.

Students at the Astral Academy are required to live on-campus for the duration of their education. In additon to Force-training, general education is provided to students of school age, and a variety of post-secondary and military courses are available for older students. Graduates most often enlist in the military, but are also commonly enter other fields where their abilities can be put to use.

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