Les Iles Aiolienne

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History of the Aolian Archipelago Edit


In the town hall, the population has gathered for an important occasion, nothing less that the Declaration of Nationhood. All the town dignitaries are there together with the Military leaders of three countries and Son Altesse le Ministre Plénipotentiaire pour les Affaires d'Outre-mer, Monseigneur Georges Brillat-Savarin, from Getriddia, who will make official recognition of the new nation.

The President is Augustus Lincoln, businessman, of Archaia; the Vice President Margaret Churchill, landed proprietor of Ancienne; and the Speaker of the House of Parliament is Abraham Thatcher, draper, also from Ancienne. The Minister for Foreign Affairs is Abraham Pinochet.

After many speeches, the new Republic of Aolia is inaugurated. Since the offcial languages are Ravinian and French, the Republic rejoices in the name Republique Aiolienne.

On this day, the first of September, 2049, the Republic of Aolia is officially proclaimed, with the recognition of the Kingdom of Getriddia , the Kingdom of Barnopea and the Military Order of deliverence

May 2050. Freiesland recognizes the new government and is willing to begin official trade. Another offer is given that includes equipping the Aolian army with gear currently used by Freieslander forces (usually only gear that is in storage and out of service is sold)..President Augustus Lincoln accepts this offer.

About AoliaEdit


The Aolian Islands have been called, by the Getriddians, les isles Aiolienne, which is usually translated as the "Garlic Sauce Islands" (aioli). The obvious reason is that garlic is grown in huge quantities on the islands, as well as onions, shallots, leeks and other alliums. The name has been used generally because Aolia and Aioli are very similar in pronunciation and appearance. The flag which was adopted when the republic was declared consists of three colours, red, white and blue. The red and white form narrow bands around the outer edges of the flag. The colours are reminiscent of the flags of Getriddia and of Ravinia , both of which countries dominated the archipelago in the past. On the central blue background are five crowns of garlic which symbolise the four islands of the archipelago and the Republic itself..

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