Anastasia Aurelia
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Japan, Kira's Kingdom

Place of Birth

Eastern Europe

Date of Birth

Approximately 8 BNE



  • Yellow Demon
Physical Description





85 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and Political Information

New Empire

Relationship Information

Alexander Petrovsky


"Old Johan"

Skills and Abilities
Supernatural Abilities(s)
Language(s) Known
  • Belarusian
  • Russian
  • English
Personal Information
Miscellaneous Information
Theme Song(s)

Blue, by Yamane Mai

"I must complete my assignment." -Anastasia Aurelia

Anastasia Aurelia, known to her clients as "A.A.", is a mercenary living in and often working for Kira's Kingdom. She is a Force-user and Device Mage renowned for her skill with her energy-scythe.


Childhood (8 BNE - 4 NE)Edit

Born sometime around 8 BNE, Anastasia never met her parents. Her first memories were of the monastery in Belarus where she and about a dozen other orphans had been taken in. At that time Belarus was engulfed in a civil war between the Russian-backed government and the US-backed "Belarus Liberation Front," and in 2 BNE the monastery was attacked by government soldiers seeking a deserter who had taken refuge there. Aided by her untrained but powerful Force abilities, Anastasia succeeded in slaying four of the soldiers using a scythe taken from the storage shed before losing her balance. "Old Johan," an elderly former-Jedi who often assisted the monastery, arrived and dispatched the remaining soldiers, but Anastasia was the only survivor.

Teenage Years (4 NE - 11 NE)Edit

Johan adopted Anastasia and trained her in the use of the Force until his death in 6 NE. It was at this time that she met the arms smith Alexander Petrovsky, an old friend of Johan's, who gave her aparticle scythe and Magic Devices. A few months after Johan's death the then fourteen-year-old Anastasia realized that her combat skills would be in high demand in a "Hell on Earth" like Belarus and took her first mercenary job. Taking the moniker "A.A.", she spent the next five years working for the government, the rebellious BLF, and the myriad of criminal organizations and other small factions operating in Belarus, earning a reputation for excellence and the nickname "Yellow Demon", a reference to her scythe's and spells' yellow color.

In late 10 NE, under immense internal political pressure, the United States terminated its support of the Belarus Liberation Front. This spelled the end of the rebellion as the BLF, unable to obtain sufficient supplies, was quickly hunted down and eliminated by the Belarusian military. By 11 NE the civil war that had ravaged the country for decades came to an end, and with it Anastasia's livelihood. Seeking work, she decided to follow Alexander, who had left for Kira's Kingdom shortly after the BLF, until then his primary customer, had lost its support.


Cold and reserved, Anastasia speaks little and instinctively distances herself from others, the events of her childhood having led her to avoid attachment and her career as a mercenary having left her unable to trust others. While not "emotionless" she often appears so to others, with the sole exception being the almost obsessive drive to complete her assignments.


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