The Allied States of America
Political Information
Type of Government

Constitutional Republic

Founding Document

4 NE


Ratified 4 NE

Executive Branch


Legislative Branch
  • House of Representatives
  • Senate
Judicial Branch

Supreme Court

Societal Information

Austin, Texas

Official Language



Allied States Dollar

Historical Information
Formed From

The Confederate States of America

Date of Establishment

4 NE

Date of Dissolution

11 NE


Confederate War Era

The Allied States of America, commonly referred to as the Allied States or the Free States, was a republic established in North America in 4 NE after declaring secession from the Confederate States of America. Its government was modeled after the United States and Confederate States, with an executive, two legislative bodies, and a supreme court. Each branch had checks and balances for the other branches.

The only President of the nation was President David Lewis, who was killed in 9 NE during the invasion of the Allied States by the Confederate-American Empire. The nation was overrun by the Confederate-American Empire for two years until its dissolution by the Stonewall Peace Accords at the end of the Second Confederate War. After 11 NE, the former Allied States was apart of the Eastern United States of America.

The following states were apart of the Allied States upon declaration of secession from the Confederate States:

  • Sonora (Mexican State)
  • Chihuahua (Mexican State)
  • Texas
  • Missouri
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama

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