Alena Zeir (14 October 2005 - ) is a Puropanische stateswoman, politician and director of the Nova Prussia Intelligent Agency.

She had a height of 5'9 and weight 140lbs, she is very intelligent, observant, and slow to trust in others.

Alena was born in Puro Pan del Norte in Hellwighausen, the 12 October 2005, but she managed to escape with her parents early in the Puro Pan Anarchy, in the 2005, with only 14 years old.

She is the second in the direction of the Nova Prussian Intelligence agency, and is responible for the "repatriotating" of NP agents.

Due to her young age she was often disrepected by her peers until the "October Incident" where she singlehandedly hacked into the Kanzler's Willhelm Langille home security, snuck in and woke the Kanzler thus showing how vulnerable he was. She was promoted the next day. Alena is sometime considered cold and untrustworthy but she has an unbreakable loyalty to the Kanzler Willhelm Langille.

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