Akatsuka Ryuji (赤塚竜司)
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Tokyo, Japan,
Kira's Kingdom

Place of Birth

Tokyo, Japan,
Kira's Kingdom

Date of Birth

14 BNE

Physical Description





175cm (5'9")


74.8 kg (165 lb)

Hair color


Eye color




Chronological and Political Information

New Empire


Kira's Kingdom


Special Imperial Operative

Relationship Information



Higurashi Katsumi

Skills and Abilities
Martial Style(s)
  • Juyo
  • Djem So
Supernatural Abilities(s)

Force Sensitivity

Language(s) Known
  • English
  • Japanese
Personal Information
Miscellaneous Information
Theme Song(s)

"Blah, blah, blah. If I hit you, will you shut up?"

Akatsuka Ryuji (赤塚竜司) is a Force user serving the Holy Empire of Kira's Kingdom. He is employed by the government as a Special Imperial Operative.


Early Life (14 BNE - 1 NE)

Born in Tokyo, Kira's Kingdom in 14 BNE, Ryuji had a difficult childhood. After fleeing his abusive parents at the age of seven, he was found unconscious and half starved by a group of children in similar situations and brought to the abandoned bar they had made into a home. With this new 'family' he proceeded to make a living off of petty theft until, at the age of fifteen, he found a more lucrative career participating in underground fighting rings that paid hefty cash prizes to the winners.

Apprenticeship (1 NE - 4 NE)

Following a run in with a small Yakuza organization that claimed the life of one of his new family and separated him from the others, Ryuji had a chance encounter with Garland, who recognized Ryuji's potential and took him as an apprentice. Ryuji spent the next five years training under Garland, believing that his own lack of power was to blame for the loss of his friends. In 4 NE, with the outbreak of the First Confederate War Ryuji would experience war for the first time, and would experience loss for a second time when Garland was cut down by a rogue Jedi who attacked the Kira's Kingdom forces during the cease-fire at the end of the conflict.

Taking an Apprentice (4 NE - 11 NE)

Shortly after returning home from the First Confederate War Ryuji met Higurashi Katsumi when she attempted to pickpocket him. Although barely out of his own short apprenticeship, Katsumi's position reminded Ryuji of of his own childhood and he took her on as an apprentice.

The Red Dragon (11 NE - Present)

From March 11 NE to February 12 NE, Ryuji fought on the side of the Kira's Kingdom government in the Year of Rebellion. Following the war, he was assigned to investigate a string of Adept kidnappings.

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