Sometime around the year 6 NE the Free Jedi bagan a colony on the planet Aerynia. This is what is published and what the Free Jedi know.

The seeding of a colony did indeed occur during that time but it was but an outpost and the planet does not exist where the Free Jedi and others believe it to be. It is an illusion. The real location is outside known galaxies in the darkness between galaxies. A small star with a lone planet and two moons float in the vastness between. There they look up at the sky and see the twinkling of many galaxies.

They are not a small colony as the new colony and those that followed went back in time and fashioned the world to their liking. So in the current time it is ancient. Space ships are rare as is most thinks people would associate with technology. The trees generate a shield for the planet and the people walk between space and time when they want to travel long distances. Very little remains in their culture that was passed down by their ancestors.

Aerynia is a kingdom following a matriarchal line. Unlike many kingdoms the title Queen is only given to married women monarchs. However, an unmarried Princess can rule their entire lives without being married. Thus it is more of a term used for the ruling family to indicate marital status. There have been few rulers as the people are long lived.

More to come.

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