Adolf highlighter

Adolf Highlighter. Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Great Grammar and Spelling

Born 1st April 2000.

Verbiage Birthing Hospital

Mother: Tinta Highlighter (nee Postscript)

Father: Neon Highlighter

Education: 2005 - 2017 Bracket Local School. Awarded Tertiary Entrance Rank 86.4%

2018 - 2022 Sharpener Institute of Higher Learning. Awarded Bachelor of Science (Hons)
2022 - 2027 Verbiage University. Awarded Master of Science (First Class) and the University Medal.

Employment: 2025 - 2030 Smith and Smith Ltd. (Weapons Research)

2030 - 2032 Label and Stamp Automation Pty Ltd (Robotics Division)

Parliamentary Career: 2030 Conservative Candidate for Verbiage South. Defeated

2034 Conservative candidate for Verbiage South. Defeated
2038 Conservative Candidate for Verbiage South. Elected
2042 Re-elected. Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party
2046 Re-elected. Prime Minister
2048 Assumed the title of Duke

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