Flag of The Republic of Adanea
Republic of Adanea
      República de Adanea
      Épublícrí fóen Dánëäath
      Republik von Adanea


Adanea City

Official Languages:



Ethnic Groups:

50% Nutk

      25% Ravinian
      15% Barnopean
      7% Labradores
      1% Freieslander 
      1% Krakavian 
      1% Other




Parlimentary Republic


Peter Stone

Prime Minister:

Umanich Martin

Assembly President:

James Yule

The Republic of Adanea is a nation located in the east of Aels.

The territory is of aprox 100.000 km2 -with the Adanean claims in Adanea-


033 Ravinia Catedral

Cathedral of Ramns


The region of present day Adanea was first settled by Nutks of Central Aels, who arrived at the river Euthen around the 3,000 BC, forcefully driven to the land by other rival Nutk clans.The first inhabitants of these lands where nomadic hunters and collectors, and they lived in a very primitive state until some time between 1,500 and 1,200 BC, when Nutk traders of the Technochaotic civilization, brought metal tools: Evidence from archeological sites in Adanea have revealed the importance of this trade, and how it influenced the life of the first inhabitants of Adanea. With the arrival of the Tachenan civilization, the first sedentary settlements began to be built in the region, near the sea, rivers and richer plains, where the first Adaneans began an agricultural life. Between 900 and 800 BC, some of the villages and temples began to develope, becoming small independent city states, who built their own fortress and temples, and began to become seafaring people, fishermen and sailors, who became known for there skills at sea. By 700 BC, Aels was discovered by Fenician traders, and rare goods from the grasslands began to circulate around the old world. Carthage created several small settlements and trade posts in the Wentviska Sea, as well in Adanea. Before long the small Adanean nutk city states began to fall under Punic influence.

Dark AgesEdit

The true cause is unknown, but is believed a natural disaster, climatic changes, or invasions of Nutk tribes from the Nutkia grasslands, where the cause of the decline of Tachnean civilization, and then its final destruction by 200 BC, with the cities, temples and fortress completely abandoned. The ancient Adaneans, the Tachnean, also disappeared, and it still unknown if they where enslaved, killed off, or forced to migrate. The new inhabitants where semi-nomads from the Grasslands, horse-men, rather than sailors: Only few, small settlements survived, and some historians believe the Caraway Nutks, and other Nutk tribes of the shores are descendants of the Tachnean. From the 200BC to 700 AC, there are no historical records, and only a weak oral tradition survive from that age, but is around this time that the tribes that latter will become the Adaneans emerged.

Middle Age and Muslim DominationEdit

In the 786, arrived the advanced forces of the Caliphate of Al-Aelandus to Adanea, bringing with them the Islam, and after a serie of clashes between the Adanean and Moors warriors, the territories of the Adanean clans and tribes where conquered.

However, the Caliphate of Al-Aelandus was short lived, when in the year 969 Caliph Abd al-Malik suddenly died, without announcing his choice for successor. His sons then the themselves into a violent succession war.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Foreign Relations and MilitaryEdit



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