4 NE
Galactic era(s)

New Empire

Facts and statistics
Important events

These are the events that occurred in 4 NE.


  • Emperor Walker is kidnapped by the Killiks. He escapes with Ganor Vey and information vital to the Killiks' defeat
  • Aid dispatched to Caimen Cunibrus to help it recover from the brutal Killik surprise attack. Paraguayan officials investigate erratic behavior by the Worldship N'Gar during the war.
  • Colt Fader attains the rank of Jedi Knight.
  • Unknown Regions exploration begins financed and carried out by the Galactic Empire
  • Four more Korribanosian colony worlds are settled: Ragnosia, Sadowan, Naddonia, and Banis
  • Queen Alana Serbella of the Hassarkian Federation is assassinated, and Charles Davis replaces her.
  • Tudor's Crisis
  • Jedi Master Aden Fader goes missing and reappears in Paraguay. Bob Jindle illegally seizes the Presidency of Confederate States of America in Fader's absence.*Daniel Turner is converted into Darth Atrumcavus
  • The Colony Worlds of the Confederate States of America (Stonewall, Lee, Davis, and Hill) declare independence from the Confederate States of America, forming the Stonewall Republic following former Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth's defection from Supreme Commander of the Confederate Military.
  • Liberated Sinai Conflict erupts next to the JAR in Europe; while monitoring it and Tudor's cleanup effort Grand Master Ky'rinn has a vision warning him of a "Coming Storm" and his apprentice's strange teleportation, returns to Amazonia Goatana to investigate.
  • Paraguay declares a Blood Hunt on anyone connected to Alpha Mur's Plort, binds Supreme Overlord Ky'rinn to its completion. Darth Aphoria is detained for several weeks during the investigation.
  • The Hassarkian Consortium is founded.
  • The Hassarkian Federation is destroyed, and the Federation Remnant is formed.
  • The western states of the Confederate States of America declare independence and form the Allied States of America, igniting the First Confederate War.
  • Paraguayan Worldship awakened at the Grand Temple forces a truce in the First Confederate War, peace talks begin.
  • Supreme Overlord Ky'rinn is attacked by Emperor Smith on his flagship, Smith flees battle and vanishes after a botched teleport. Tensions between Kira's Kingdom and Paraguay strained.
  • Aden Fader dissolves the Confederate Jedi Order, and establishes the Stonewall Jedi Order.
  • Start of Vong War
  • Aden Fader withdraws from national and galactic politics.
  • Abigail Windsor resigns from the Confederate Jedi Order and leaves to hunt down the ever elusive leader of the Aztec Sith, Darth Ne'irha. She eventually joins him and becomes Darth Triduana.




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