In the beginning of the uprising, the Colossal was desparate to hold on to as much land as it could, but, Chief Zechariah wasn't going to allow his life work to be destroyed.

The InvasionEdit

While peace was beginning to reign in Beostan, news was heard from Caith (A small city south of Ibeforee where the capitol was until the Beostans captured Ibeforee). The Beostan tribe came under fire from Baernians and the Colossal. After a week of fighting, the Beostans were forced to go to the ancient city of Dravielonte-Leocke (Phonetic spelling). At this time they were able to scatter and unfortunately, allowed for the Beostan tribe to separate and hide while the leaders went around to learn how to actually fight.

Beostan's AnarchyEdit

After the fight in the Forest, the Cheif was able to escape and gather support for Beostan's rebirth.

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