1st King's Dragoon Regiment of Foot Guards
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Royalist Kingdom


30 August, 1881 - Present


Royalist Kingdom Ground Force (RKGF)

Garrison HQ:

Goose Green


"Always strike first"


Kelly, Princess of Hertfordshire

Major General:

Sir William Weir


Light Role Infantry


Line Infantry


The 1st King's Dragoon Regiment of Foot Guards is an elite light infantry regiment of the Royalist Kingdom Ground Force (RKGF) and the senior infantry regiment, and therefore the oldest regiment of the line. All of these units come under the administrative authority of Longinus District—as public duties units, they not only take part in ceremonial, but are also committed to providing military aid to the civilian authorities or in combat duties during a war, to increase the proportion of its effort employed on training for operational roles.

Is a highly disciplined, light infantry, rapid reaction force. It is trained to operate in any climatological and geological condition. The unit can be deployed in 7 days to 20 days (depending on deployment size). The primary task of regiment is to ensure the defense of the Royalist Kingdom and her allies. Its second primary task is to be deployed worldwide as an expeditionary, peacekeeping and peace-enforcing formation.

These units are a highly professional regiment and a specialized military force that in particular are considered by some to be among the finest infantrymen of the RKGF, as is evidenced by the high regard they are held in for both their fighting skill, and their smartness of turnout on parade.


Formed in 1881 as a distinct unit of the Crown, the 1st King's Dragoon Regiment of Foot Guards performed only escort duties for family members of the Crown and her dependencies, furthermore, acting as the personal guard of His Royal Highness, King Thomas II, nonetheless, as a result of constant foreign wars, the Regiment suffered a drastical change and served as an elite light infantry regiment for combat use.



The regiment mission is to "defend the existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of the Royalist Kingdom" To protect the inhabitants of the Royalist Kingdom and to combat all forms of terrorism which threaten the daily life.

The main doctrine consists of the following principles:

  • Basic Points
  • The Royalist Kingdom cannot afford to lose a single war
  • Defensive on the strategic level, no territorial ambitions
  • Desire to avoid war by political means and a credible deterrent posture
  • Preventing escalation
  • Determine the outcome of war quickly and decisively
  • Combating terrorism
  • Very low casualty ratio
  • Prepare for Defense
  • A small standing army with an early warning capability, regular air force and navy
  • An efficient reserve mobilization and transportation system
  • Move to Counterattack
  • Multi-arm coordination
  • Transferring the battle to enemy territory quickly
  • Quick attainment of war objectives


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