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1000 NE
Galactic era(s)

Millennial era

Facts and statistics

Increased Jedi activity


Raxus Walker

Important events

expelled from the Imperial Sith

Imperial EventsEdit

  • The Galactic Empire celebrates 1000 years in power and enters the Millennial era
  • Alexander Bevan appears in Imperial space with an army of Darksiders, which he presents to Raxus Walker amid much controversy amongst the Imperial High Council and the Imperial Sith Council, both of which claim ownership of the army

True Jedi EventsEdit

Sith EventsEdit

  • Darth Topaxci returns to the Anzati Home Planet of Centurus for his hunt.
  • Darth Morior kidnaps Nij Fader, feeling he can train the Fader in the ways of the dark side. This results in Morior's expulsion from the Imperial Order of the Sith and its Imperial Sith Council.
  • Darth Nefas, retired for ten years from the council, is reappointed to the Imperial Sith Council because of Morior's expulsion.
  • Darth Void is expelled permanently from the Imperial Sith Council for Darth Morior's actions. Furthermore, he is stripped of the position and title of Dark Lord of the New Sith Order. He is tasked with finding Darth Morior and Nij Fader.
  • Darth Nefas is appointed as the new Dark Lord of the New Sith Order with the mandate to reform it and bring it up to the standards of the Imperial Order of the Sith.

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